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Qwert is a new social network that uses simple drag and drop gestures for sharing.

Qwert mobile is

Coming Soon

In the meantime, try our desktop demo by switching to a larger screen.

Try Qwert - drag and drop software demo
  1. DRAG
    an image (jpg or png) from your computer to a Qwert icon on the dock to the right.
  2. DROP.
    Deselect. Let it go. Lift the finger.
  3. SHARE.
    The image is emailed to Ryan or Noah.

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Qwert Alpha's Progress:

You already have drag&dropped on a folder's icon to save in that folder.

Drag and drop on a folder to save

Why can't you can drag&drop on a friend's icon to share with that friend?

Use Qwert to share a photo

You can if you help kickstart Qwert; the drag & drop social network.

Kickstarter crowdfunding for Qwert Qwert Alpha logo

Sharing online takes minutes now

  • searching through folders and files to upload
Searching through a convoluted search window

  • copy & pasting long and nonsensical text links
Sharing a nonsensical text link

  • setting up (and figuring out) shared folders (e.g. Dropbox)
Trying to share a folder

  • figuring out social media plugins (if your content has them)
Confusing Facebook sharing box

But soon sharing will take only seconds when you Qwert

drag something you want to share toward your Qwert window

Dragging a Reddit image to share on Qwert

drop it on the recipient's Qwert icon

Dropping a Reddit image on a Qwert friend icon


Share dialogue box on Qwert

Qwert is the quickest and easiest social network, thanks to drag and drop.

Saves you time - 70 seconds/share avg.

Saves you clicks - 5 to 7 or more


Kickstarter crowdfunding for Qwert

Hasn't launched quite yet.

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